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The Tadpoles of the Milky Way

In the Milky Way Project we often use Hashtags to mark interesting objects. One is #tadpole or #tadpoles.

But what are “tadpoles”? This question is not easy, because a lot of objects can be shaped into a tadpole and also different sources shape them.
In general there are the ultraviolett radiation of massive stars or in some cases even the presssure from a supernova the sources. On the other hand the affected objects are either cloudy structures, like pillars, evaporating gas globules or cometary globules. Only in rare cases is a circumstellar disk the affected object. The objects in the featured image are such objects. They are called proplyds or in this case proplyd-like objects.

Because they are rare objects you should not expect to find a lot of yet to be discovered proplyds or proplyd-like objects.
But in the Milky Way Project we found a bunch of these objects:
The Tadpole Whirlpool (discussion) and Proplyd-like objects near Cl HM1.

After a systematic search of clusters I found more clusters with proplyds and proplyd-like objects.

The search never ends…


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