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Asteroids with GLIMPSE -2-

In part 1 I did describe a rough method to search for asteroids in GLIMPSE. Now I want to improve the search to catch more faint asteroids.

I did this with the existing photometry  of 8 asteroids I know from the past search. The method I used is the same as the colour-colour-diagrams for stars.

I used a [5.8] vs. [3.6]-[5.8] diagram and did get a nice curve:


Number 6 from the list is contaminated with background radiation, so I excluded it to create the curve. Now we can use the same method as shown in part 1 with the new limit.

The new limit should return less bright stars and artifacts, but more faint asteroids, stars and artifacts. I also looked at the [8.0] vs. [4.5]-[8.0] diagram, but I could not find a similar curve.

In an search area of 350 arcminutes I found 275 candidate asteroids. It will take a while to check all of them…


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