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selfdertemination law

self-determination law

(German version)


Why self-determination?

From outside it is not possible to “classify” our gender. This is why a diagnosis from a third party is not possible.
We need to give a person the possibility to self-determine the gender-entry and the possibility to determine about their own body, without a constraint.

How does the Transsexual-law in Germany regulate this now?

The Transsexual-law (TSG) from 1980 does prescribe a court procedure with two expertises by psychotherapists, if somebody wants to change name and gender-entry. It costs some thousand Euros and it is an additional burden for the court, if legal aid is applied for.
Many parts of the TSG are not active anymore because the federal constitution court decided they do not agree with human rights. Even so the health insurance and the medical service often do cause problems.

How does the new regulation work?

The new regulation for the name- and gender-entry-change is regulated in the registry office. The gender-entry is allowed to remain empty. The medical supply to change your body and consultation is assured. A demand for certification by psychotherapists is not allowed anymore.

Why is it better if a transgender person does claim consultation instead of a psychotherapist?

Psychotherapists are not educated in this area, they often have a wrong image about transgender and they often have no or very small experience in this area. In a consultation office are experienced, often affected and informed people.

How did I experience the Transsexual-law?

I was sure that I want hormones and the gender reassignment surgery after a year, right after my outing. But I was treated not very well by psychotherapists. Either they did not believe me or they used the expertise against me. Finally I had to change psychotherapist and endocrinologist. Soon is my first surgery three years after my outing.
I did experience the current regulation and everything that can go wrong and how this regulation can be misused.

How can I help to replace the Transsexual law in Germany with the self-determination law?

The self-determination bill from the green party (die Grünen) is already present. Now the parliament (Bundestag) has to decide about it and pass it into law.
We can increase the pressure with a petition. The signatures from abroad do not count, but they increase the political weight of this petition.

Petition: Pass the self-determination bill into law…now!

Also please support the international Trans-Community in
Finland: Support Sakris Kupila
Japan: Demand equality for LGBT people



3 thoughts on “selfdertemination law

  1. I understand that a state want to be able to know who is who, I mean to identify someone – because I think that those who speaks about total freedom will be the first ones to control – in a way or another – who I am if it happens that I’ll be around their area. That means, to change one’s name involves the authorities.
    But I can’t understand why a state should wonder about the choices one makes for him/herself, as long it doesn’t harm nobody. May be a state wonders to protect someone against her/himself… well… may be… some people are fragile and need protection. But the basis background should be that a state isn’t here to create more problems than needed when the matter implies one person with her/himself. Let’s say we may care about the gender of the one(s) in our bed, but don’t care about the gender of our neighboor: problem solved.

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