gf1oet_0_400x400This page is about my view of the world and the universe. I live in Germany and am an astronomy enthusiast. Currently I am a moderator in the Milky Way Project. So my posts are mostly about astronomy themes.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Here are some articles/interviews

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DITOs #CitSciStories 3: “My transition and me being a citizen scientist are strangely connected”

I did classify an image at exoplanet expolrers that helped to discover a 5-planet system, called K2-138 (link to exoplanet explorers website). You can find the paper here: The K2-138 System: A Near-resonant Chain of Five Sub-Neptune Planets Discovered by Citizen Scientists
You can also find the animation including all 5 planets here K2-138 Sytem.

K2-138 System