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Gay Star News accidentally used a transphobic tweet

This blog entry is used to record an incident at Gay Star News where a transphobic tweet was used representatively for an article about the #MeQueer hashtag. The hashtag #MeQueer on twitter was started by Hartmut Schrewe and was mainly used to share the experience of queer people with discrimination and violence (link to a… Continue reading Gay Star News accidentally used a transphobic tweet

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Brown dwarfs with Gaia DR2

While I did create the lists for brown dwarfs using Gaia DR2, I tought of searching for faint (Gmag>19) and red (BP-RP>2.2) sources. After crossmatching with WISE and checking with wiseview (http://ascl.net/1806.004) and/or BANYAN Sigma (http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2018arXiv180109051G), we did submit good targets for follow up to the “advanced vetting form” of backyard worlds (www.backyardworlds.org). As I… Continue reading Brown dwarfs with Gaia DR2

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Paper Models of telescopes

If you follow my twitter account, you might know that I like to craft paper models of telscopes. Building them is fun and very relaxing. Here I want to summarize my experience: ALMA antenna Link: http://www.almaobservatory.org/en/publications/paper-toy-antenna/ Difficulty level: medium   Experience: It has some big parts and some very small parts that are hard to… Continue reading Paper Models of telescopes

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Gaia DR2: opening a door to knowledge

Gaia is not a space telescope that takes beautiful pictures, like the Hubble Space Telescope. Gaia measures the stars, including their position, distance, motion on the sky, color and how fast they move towards us or away from us. I keep working as a citizen scientist with projects that research objects in the Milky Way.… Continue reading Gaia DR2: opening a door to knowledge