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Selbstbestimmungsgesetz (English version) Warum Selbstbestimmung? Von außen ist nicht zu erkennen welchem Geschlecht wir tatsächlich angehören. Eine Fremddiagnose ist deswegen nicht möglich. Deshalb ist es sinnvoll und menschenwürdig einer Person die Möglichkeit zu geben den Geschlechtseintrag selbst zu bestimmen und über Veränderungen des eigenen Körpers selbst zu bestimmen, ohne dass ein Zwang nötig ist. Wie… Continue reading Selbstbestimmungsgesetz

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selfdertemination law

self-determination law (German version) Why self-determination? From outside it is not possible to “classify” our gender. This is why a diagnosis from a third party is not possible. We need to give a person the possibility to self-determine the gender-entry and the possibility to determine about their own body, without a constraint. How does the… Continue reading selfdertemination law

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MWP classification stats and volunteers behavior

Volunteerism in Zooniverse does have the same structure as other volunteerism if it is about classifications. Usual a lot of volunteers do classify a small set of subjects. They drop by and try the project until they are bored. This can be one subject, ten subjects or one hundred subjects. Less common are engaged volunteers… Continue reading MWP classification stats and volunteers behavior

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Penguin Galaxies

In the past of the Galaxy Zoo, volunteers pointed out two galaxy mergers that have a surprisingly similar shape with penguins: First dailyzoo-post Second dailyzoo-post I think the similar pattern is no coincidence: There are two galaxies merging with each other. One galaxy is an elliptical galaxy without triggered star-formation and another galaxy with mainly… Continue reading Penguin Galaxies

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How to find massive stars…with bubbles!

In the “about” page of the Milky Way Project you can read in the describtion of bubbles: Bubbles are interesting places — they mark the locations where radiation from newly formed massive stars is impacting on the surrounding cloud material. But how can you find those stars if one bubble has sometimes hundreds or thousands… Continue reading How to find massive stars…with bubbles!